Monday, July 25, 2016

Batman #3

   Batman has picked up a couple of super-hero sidekicks along with his recent Rebirth.

   They go by the names Gotham and Gotham Girl (no, really!), and this issue gives us a look at Batman's investigations into their recently-acquired powers.

   The issue starts with a clever (if rather annoying) crime sequences, and then gives us some more tantalizing examples of this new team learning how to be proper super-heroes.

   We also get another glimpse of the upcoming big bad - who just happens to be one of my favorites.

   So, two things: the story is dragging its feet, building to an eventual confrontation (a common complaint, I know). This doesn't bother me much.

   The second - and here I haul out my old man credentials - is the causal use of a word that, until recently, would have been considered profanity. The word is "piss," and it appears five times in the first six pages. It's silly to complain - the word is common on television, I know - but it's just another example of allowing vulgar words to invade modern culture - and I still dream of comics that appeal to all ages, not just adults.

   I just find that sort of thing irritating. Sorry - end of rant.

   All that aside, this is a good series, with terrific artwork. But three issues in - four if we count "Rebirth" - and we haven't made much progress. Faster, please - and with cleaner language.


Grade: B+


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El Vox said...

You are not alone. I agree about the profanity. If I had kids I would not let them read it, and that's a mainstream Batman comic. You wonder why comics are struggling? Granted I think it's overused on TV and movies as well (and as far as that goes in general). I'm surprised when some of the young reviewers on Youtube can't get thru a video or other type review without saying fuck this or that. I dunno guess I'm getting old OR perhaps just had a better upbringing.