Thursday, July 21, 2016

Betty & Veronica #1

   As much as I've been enjoying the new Archie series, I haven't been following most of the other "new" comics based on the Riverdale cast (it's one of Chuck's Rule of Comics: "You Can't Buy Everything").

   I decided at the last second to pick up this first issue of Betty & Veronica, mostly because of the Adam Hughes cover (it's one of, apparently, 100 or so alternate covers).

   And here's where my lack of research into each week's new comics occasionally bites me - I had no idea who the creative team on the issue was.

   Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I realized that the interiors were also by Hughes!

   A terrific artist and a solid writer, we just don't get enough in the way of regular comics from Hughes. He (apparently) tends to work slowly, and that makes it difficult for him to do a monthly book, with its never-ending stream of deadlines.

   But here he is, one of the industry's best "Good Girl" artists, drawing two of its most famous beauties (although only one might fit the term "good girl").

   But don't expect an overload of cheesecake art (one page aside) - the focus here is on characters, settings and humor.

   The plot could be lifted from any other Archie comic - Pop's Ice Cream Shop is closing, unless Pops can come up with $60,000! What can the world's most famous teens do about that?

   I enjoyed this issue a lot - the art is terrific (natch), the humor is off the wall (wait'll you see who narrates the comic) and Hughes has a great grip on the personalities involved.

   I worry, though, that the series may have to be retitled - it's looking more like Betty vs. Veronica!

Grade: A-


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