Friday, July 22, 2016

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1

   As a fan of the Birds of Prey, I'm glad to see the team making a comeback, this time with Batgirl headlining.

   Of course, most of Barbara Gordon's involvement with that team was in a supporting role as the computer wizard Oracle, back when she was partially paralyzed (she, uh, got better).

   This Rebirth issue brings back Black Canary (who's busy these days, as she also guest stars in Green Arrow) and introduces a new Huntress (well, she's new to me).

   This version of the character is different from the Earth-2 version - Helena Wayne, who crossed over with Power Girl and co-starred in the most recent version of World's Finest.

   The new one is very much a throwback to the original version of the character - a tough as nails vigilante.

   The question is: is this version a hero?

   The team is gathered by a new menace with a familiar name and a new mystery - just who is playing the part of Oracle now?

   So, lots of questions to be answered as the new series starts up. It's a promising (if somewhat dark) start for the new series.

Grade: B+


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