Monday, May 16, 2016

Penny Dreadful #1

   I must admit that I haven't seen the Showtime TV series yet, but the comic book version of Penny Dreadful is a treat for horror fans.

   It incorporates characters and elements from one of the greatest horror stories ever - Bram Stoker's Dracula.

   Loaded with powerful, dark imagery by artist Louis De Martinis, the Victorian era story follows a woman named Vanessa who seeks to save a friend of hers - Mina - who has fallen under the influence of a mysterious figure known only as The Master.

   Vanessa joins forces with Mina's father in a rescue attempt that pits them against monsters - natural and otherwise - and brings some well-known names into the story.

   It's not a story for kids - lots of blood, demons and dismemberment here - but for adult fans of horror, it's a strong start for the series.

   (Now I need to track down the TV version.)

Grade: A-



Kevin Findley said...

Getting the DVDs or Blu-Ray is well worth your time and sheckels. For the first time ever, I considered getting Showtime just to see the new season. It's just that good.

Kyle said...

Wow, good reviews... I have seen the tv series in the store a couple times, was tempted but always ended up passing it up... I will have to pick it up. Did not know it was also a comic, will keep my eye out for it.