Sunday, May 15, 2016

All-New X-Men #9

   As you might expect, given the villain in the upcoming X-Men movie, the X-comics are all focusing on the powerful villain Apocalypse.

    It's a short trip for the cast of All-New X-Men, because the teenage clone of that character is on the team: Kid Apocalypse! (I promise I am not making this up.)

   That character celebrates his 16th birthday in this issue as his friends and fellow students throw a big party for him - but he struggles with the celebration as he reflects on his origin and his probable destiny.

   That leads to an unexpected encounter with the Beast, who's trying to solve the time-travel mystery that has the original X-Men team trapped in the present - and the two heroes discover that science and sorcery don't mix.

   I love the clean, dynamic art by Mark Bagley and Andrew Hannessey, and the story features quite a few twists and turns - and unexpected revelations.

   It's a solid kick-off for this title's coverage of the Apocalypse Wars (whatever that is).

Grade: A-


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