Friday, May 27, 2016

Justice League #50

   Of all the "New 52" comics, I think in many ways Justice League was the most successful - and it ends on a very strong note.

   That's no small task, because this series had a lot of story elements in play - and somehow manages to wrap up almost every one of them, while setting up elements that will come into play in the new and improved DC Universe.

   Give writer Geoff Johns credit for managing to make the Darkseid Wars event series powerful and unpredictable - and mostly self-contained, aside from a handful of one-shot issues that were easily ignored (at least I had no trouble ignoring them).

   The "New 52" Justice League comic started out very strong, with the story of how the original team came together (a story that was also centered around Darkseid, and would make a good basis for the upcoming live action film).

   The idea of bringing together DC's biggest names to fight together is a difficult one to manage, as the continuity in their individual comics often gets in the way - but when the team is together, it can be mighty entertaining.

   Hopefully the next version of this title will have better success keeping the band together. But at least this issue brings the cast together for a final, cosmic-sized battle for the fate of the Earth. What fun!

Grade: A


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