Saturday, May 28, 2016

Doctor Strange #8

   There's not a lot I can add to my reviews of previous issues (which you can read right here), as this series continues to rocket off in new and unexpected directions.

   Doctor Strange and some of the most prominent practitioners of magic are searching the world for hidden pockets of magic, hoping to find something that can help them defeat the Empirikul, a super-science-based army that plans to destroy all magic in every dimension.

   They're off to a pretty good start, having humbled (and nearly killed) the good Doc and most of his allies.

   Making the search even more difficult is the fact that the heroes are being tracked by assorted high-tech creatures and devices.

   Their search for the right weapon brings into focus a major threat hiding in Doc's basement - and it's one the Empirikul may have to face next.

   Terrific art and a strong story make this series one you should be reading.

Grade: A-


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