Sunday, April 24, 2016

Uncanny Inhumans #7

   I really liked the first story arc in the Uncanny Inhumans series, but the second story has been bit of a stumble - though not a complete mess.

   It's centered around a nightclub called The Quiet Room, which is apparently Black Bolt's "home away from home." It's a bit silly, but I'll allow it - after all, even Black Bolt can have a hobby.

   It's a safe place for heroes, villains and Inhumans to gather and mingle - but almost immediately all hell breaks loose.

   Two massive sub-humans get into a fight (sort of a two-man barroom brawl). The Leader and The Thinker get into a competition that may destroy the club - and most of the city. And a customer has a valuable item stolen at the club - luckily, there are Inhumans handy who should be able to track it down and recover it.

   That all leads to some entertaining action sequences, a particularly nasty villain, and an odd turn to a business meeting.

   It's a bit of a crazy quilt, and a little too jumbled to come together into a cohesive whole. It's not bad, it only suffers in comparison to the previous story.

Grade: B


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