Saturday, April 23, 2016

Guest Review: Triad #1

   Back for another visit to our Guest Interview slot, Glen Davis is here with a look at a comic you may have missed:

   A local comic book shop has its own publishing imprint. I acquired some. I figured I'd try to support this (Alternative? Independent?) especially small comic book company with a review.

   From Empire's Comic Vault Press, ( comes this superhero book, Triad.

   Part of what makes this comic different than most is that it is set in modern Greece. The three scions of a crime lord pool their talents toward stopping the machinations of their father, and the organization known as K.A.R.M.A

   It isn't bad. The three have moderate super powers that become stronger the closer they are to one another. The issue concerns the neophyte heroes trying to get possession of a McGuffin device, and the two super powered thugs, Bengal and Jolt, who try to stop them.

   On the whole, I'd call it a good effort. The art breaks down here and there, the dialogue is occasionally a little clunky, but there's a lot of action, and the creators take pains to make sure new readers can figure out who is who and what is happening. 

   Better than a lot of mainstream comics I've read lately.

Grade: B- 


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