Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mockingbird #1

   You have to respect a comic that tries to be original, and that's certainly true of the new Mockingbird comic.

   That hero is really Bobbi Morse, a scientist who became an Agent of SHIELD and an Avenger.

   She has shared adventures with Ka-Zar and Hawkeye, and was married to the marksman for a while (now divorced, I believe).

   She was also dead for a while. (She got better.)

   After getting some (well-deserved) attention for her heroic turn in the Agents of SHIELD TV show (ah, Adrianna Palicki - grrrrrowl!), she's now graduated to her own series - and so far, it's not your usual comic book.

   The cover indicates an action extravaganza, but the interior is mostly about Bobbi's frequent trips... to the doctor.

   She's being monitored because of her exposure to the Super-Soldier formula and Nick Fury's life-extending Infinity Formula, which combined to make her a powerhouse.

   So SHIELD is running lots of tests to see what kind of effect those exposures are having on her - and it makes for a funny and offbeat start to the series.

   It's entertaining for what we learn - and for the mysteries behind her actions (not to mention who's sitting in the waiting room with her at each visit).

   It's an odd take on the character - and perhaps not for everyone - but I actually enjoyed it. We'll have to read a few more issues to get the whole picture, but so far the mystery - and the humor - make this a fun comic.

Grade: B+


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