Saturday, March 12, 2016

Doctor Strange #6

   Doctor Strange is certainly a challenging title to manage - one that has defeated some of the industry's best writers as they tried to find the right approach.

   Jason Aaron, with the new series, has found a successful formula, mixing arcane lore with some humor and a sense of the unexpected.

   He's been building to a deadly confrontation - one which threatens every magic-based character on Earth (and perhaps beyond), as the mysterious and deadly Empirikul - an army of magic-destroying creatures - finally arrives on Earth and sets out to destroy every magical outlet - including Strange, his home, and his allies.

   The art by Chris Bachalo (inked by seven different inkers. Seven!) is terrific - unique, intense and bursting with energy and power - a perfect match to the story spinning out here.

   It would be easy to complain that the story is filching a bit from Larry Niven's story, "The Magic Goes Away" (which cleverly treats magic like a natural resource), but Aaron's story is different enough to stand on its own.

   It's a great "new take" on Doctor Strange's adventures, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Grade: A


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