Tuesday, February 9, 2016

X-O Manowar #44

   Considering this comic is dedicated to the adventures of Aric, who wears the alien armor that gives him the title X-O Manowar, there's a surprisingly small amount of actual X-O content here.

   That's because the issue is given over to the battle between the human race and the Vine, an alien race that seeks asylum on the Earth - but some of that race would prefer to conquer it, instead.

   That terrorist faction is the target of X-O Manowar, who enlists the brutal and efficient aid of his ally Ninjak - which means there's lots of death and destruction on tap.

   But their part is actually small - most of the issue focuses on the efforts to protect the peaceful faction of the Vine - and the forces pushing both sides toward a terrible war.

   So, a solid issue, strong art - but the cliffhanger promises much more X-O content next time around.

Grade: B


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