Monday, February 8, 2016

Johnny Red #4

   While I'm not a huge fan of the grim and gritty-type storytelling, I have to admit that I really like Johnny Red.

   It gives writer Garth Ennis a chance to tell a largely-ignored (in America) story based on the air battle during World War II - on the Russian Front.

   It's a story rich in conflicted characters and military aircraft lore.

   It centers around the title character, a Brit expatriate who has fled (or been driven from) his home country and throws in with the Russians.

   Here he's fighting to get back in the air so he can help his team, after being grounded by Russian leadership - but it'll take some trickery to get there.

   The art by Keith Burns is rough and raw - a great match for the wartime setting.

   This isn't a series for everyone - it's a "warts and all" view of war, with no punches pulled. But it's powerful and compelling - and highly recommended!

Grade: A


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