Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Flash #48

   One of the things that always set The Flash apart was the group of villains known as the Rogue's Gallery.

   Taken individually, they were a challenge. But when they gather together, they should be unbeatable.

   The Rogues include Captain Cold, Mirror Master, the Trickster, Weather Wizard and the Golden Glider.

   This issue doesn't use the team to their full potential, because of the improbable storyline which has the police hunting the Flash, who they consider to be a menace.  So the police force deputize the Rogues to help take down the Speedster.

   So yeah, this story is just dopey. And it continues after this issue's encounter!

   It's sad that the TV series, which has its own silly moments, is so much better than the comic, which suffers no restrictions of time or budget.

   Perhaps the coming reboot will put this series back on track. We're four years into the run of this "New 52" version, and it's been, without exception, very disappointing.

Grade: C+


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