Friday, February 12, 2016

Batman #49

    Since I've been reading Batman comics off and on since the early 1960s, I've seen the character go through some very different incarnations.

   The first one I saw was the crazy, off-beat and imaginative version that featured a Batman who was never dark - he was involved in science fiction (ish) stories with aliens, strange transformations, giant props and lots of Bat-gadgets.

   This issue of the modern Dark Knight feels remarkably like that (though I'm not sure that was the intention).

   Here we have an amnesiac version of Bruce Wayne trying to get back to his "real" self - The Batman. To do so, he has to undergo a process that involves the kind of dubious science we might have seen in the early '60s - and we also see the kind of strange alternate Batmen that might have popped up in those bygone days.

   I get that writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV are trying to give us an inkling of the multitude of facets that make up the Bat psyche - but it just feels very overblown and, frankly, a bit silly.

   The art is tremendous, as Yanick Paquette breathes life into vivid alternate realities and harsh realities.

   Presumably the ongoing story will wrap up with the next issue, after which there are apparently changes in the works for the Batman series. I get the feeling that it may be time for me to take an "off again" break from the series - it's just not living up to its potential.

Grade: B-



Kevin Findley said...

Rebirth is coming in three months and this may all be just another wall for somebody to punch. I'm not sure which is sadder.

Chuck said...

I agree, Kevin!