Friday, February 5, 2016

Doctor Strange #5

   OK, let's get the complaint out of the way first - this story is taking a long time to get going.

   But it's been worth the wait.

   Up until now we've seen indications that... something... is destroying magic, and is making its way to our reality. As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is the first line of defense - but if his magic is failing him, how can he fight back against an overwhelming opponent?

   After four issues of build-up, with this issue, the attack finally happens - and we get a good luck at the force behind the attack.

   One of the interesting angles behind writer Jason Aaron's new take on Strange is the idea that using magic brings with it a cost - sometimes a terrible cost, and we begin to see how it affects Strange - and how he's been able to shoulder the burden so far.

   Combined with amazing art by Chris Bachalo and a small army of inkers, you've got a story that's bringing this classic hero in new and different directions.

   It's pretty impressive, actually, to find a fresh take on such a long-running character.

   Looking forward to more of this - and faster, please.

Grade: A


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Good stuff!