Saturday, February 6, 2016

Batgirl #48

   I'm not sure what to think about DC's comics these days.

   Rumor has it that the line will soon be rebooted into a new form soon, with new issues #1 and the characters changed to be more in line with the movie and TV versions of the characters.

   So does that mean I'm wasting my time investing any interest in the present-day comics releases? Should I prepare myself to say goodbye to this version of the characters, just as I did when the "New 52" started?

   I suspect titles like Batgirl won't be much affected by the reboot - there's no movie or TV version to draw on here, and the series isn't really broken, so it should stand. (Though we should remember the old Army saying: "If it's not broken, break it.")

   This issue features a couple of guest stars, as Black Canary and Batwing drop by for social visits, but find themselves confronting a mystery - namely, what has happened to Barbara's memories?

   For someone with a photographic memory, she's having trouble with her past. What follows is a nifty (though unfinished) tale, with great, stylish art.

   Gee, I hope they're all still friends in the "New" DC Universe!

Grade: B+


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Anonymous said...

How about....

"New NEW 52!"