Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Deadpool - A Movie Review

   I'm running late, but I finally got a chance to see Deadpool, and let me start by saying: please don't take your children to see this movie.

   It's rude, vulgar, extremely violent, horrific in places, and there are numerous shots of Ryan Reynolds' bare butt - however, for those of you adult enough to handle such things, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

   The movie wisely ignores the character's previous (non-costumed) appearance in... whichever Wolverine movie that was.

   Instead, it starts in the middle of an action scene (the opening credits are very funny) and then jumps back and forth between his origin story and his fight for revenge.

   We meet Wade Wilson, a fast-talking mercenary who can't give a straight answer to any question, and who surrounds himself with similarly-outrageous characters. He's played brilliantly by Reynolds, with a manic, high-energy style - and a great comic touch.

   He meets the love of his life - but his happiness is short-lived, as death threatens - and the only way out is a horror show of a different kind.

   So why is this movie such a hit? The main reason is the humor - it's a very funny movie that had the audience laughing loudly and often. The movie also has heart, with a quirky love story keeping it going.

   Another reason is less obvious - the smaller budget (as opposed to most superhero movies) forced the script to stay lean and smart - so the movie clocks in under the two hour mark, and moves and a breakneck pace, keeping it fast and fun throughout.

   The movie's not for everyone, but it's a great action comedy flick that's loaded with Easter Eggs for the attentive fan - and that makes it a movie worth watching more than once!

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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