Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #3

   You have to give credit to this series - you just never know where it's going next.

   Bruce Wayne is an old man whose injuries have apparently taken him out of super-hero action - so his most recent Robin has carried on his legacy as Batman.
   But now a new menace has appeared - and it's beyond even the abilities of this "new" Dynamic Duo to stop.

   The backup stories, printed here in a delightful mini-comic format - a comic within a comic - have been showing us where the other heroes are, and why they haven't arisen to fight for humanity. This issue focuses on a future version of Green Lantern.

   The big question, of course, is: where is Superman?

   That's a mystery only the world's greatest detective can solve.

   The story is crackling right along in the hands of Brian Azzarello and Frank Miller, and the art by Andy Kubert is terrific. One panel in particular - a closeup of Bruce Wayne's hand - looked like it was done by the great Joe Kubert.

   And as a special treat, the Green Lantern mini-comic was drawn by John Romita, Jr., and inked by Frank Miller!

   So far, this has been an excellent series - much superior to the second Dark Knight series, and worthy of the original!

Grade: A


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Dwayne said...

I liked the second DK series, and this series is more closely related to that one than the first. So far III is outstanding.