Thursday, January 7, 2016

Swamp Thing #1

   Swamp Thing had its most famous (and industry-shaking) period under the helm of writer Alan Moore - but sadly, that success sometimes overshadows the original creators of the series - writer Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.

   Wein had the golden touch for creating memorable characters. At Marvel, he created the New X-Men, and its most famous hero, Wolverine.

   But his run on each character was relatively short - so it's great to see him back at the controls as this character returns to regular publication.

   And the emphasis here is on horror, as the solitary Swamp Thing is enlisted to track down a new horror unleashed on a nearby college campus - one he may not be able to stop.

   The art for the series is provided by the great Kelley Jones, who was born to bring horror stories to life. His utterly unique style brings the swamp (and its protector) to lush, exuberant life. With his own sense of design and perspective, the environments will send a chill up your spine - wonderful stuff!

   Oh, and Wein brings back another familiar supernatural character - one longtime fans will be glad to see back in his capable hands.

   This is a different Swamp Thing - much more along the lines of the original series, with a healthy dose of Moore's horror stylings added. Highly recommended!

Grade: A




Hoy Murphy said...

I look forward to this since I am a fan of Len Wein, Kelly Jones and Swamp Thing, but I'm going to wait and see if DC allows this to be completed (they cancel a lot of announced mini-series before they are complete) and then it's worth waiting for the tpb collection.

By the way, thanks for the daily reviews. I don't read nearly as many new comics as you do, so I appreciate your comments.

Hoy Murphy

Anonymous said...

As a HUGE fan of Rick Veitch, the guy who had to follow Moore as Swamp Thing's writer, I thought you'd enjoy this link....

Chuck said...

Hoy, I certainly understand your hesitation. Once burned, twice shy!

Anon, thanks for the link - I did enjoy Veitch's run on the series, and hated that it was cut short.