Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Classic Comics - Sabre #1

   It's been a while since I read Sabre, so please forgive me for not realizing that the future was now!

   Printed by Eclipse Comics in 1982, the series was a sequel to one of (if not THE) first original graphic novels published in the U.S. - its publication in 1978 heralded the beginning of the Direct Market!

   The story was set in a dystopian future - 2020! The world had been racked by disease, environmental devastation and terrorist attacks, and you had to be tough to survive.

   And no one was tougher than Sabre, whose adventures were a mix of blaxploitation films, spaghetti westerns and martial arts showdowns.

   The series was written and created by Don McGregor in his unique style that combined wonderful prose flourishes with social consciousness, pop culture references and the soul of a poet.

   If you're a comics fan who's not afraid of a high word count, you really got your money's worth here (though there's no telling how letterer Annette Kawecki felt about all that extra work).

   The art was provided by master craftsman Paul Gulacy, who combined cinematic designs, imagery and caricatures to delight film fans, and amazing storytelling feats, roaming from intense action sequences to tender (and somewhat explicit) love scenes.

   In an industry always looking for something new and original, Sabre stood alone - a book like no other, with a unique voice and a stunning look - great stuff!

Grade: A



Kevin Findley said...

I snagged quite a few of these about 10-12 years ago. It would be great if a company would reprint the series (think Airboy Archive format) in the actual 2020.

Chuck said...

Great idea!