Monday, December 7, 2015

We Can Never Go Home #5

    This issue wraps up  the initial story for We Can Never Go Home, and you have to admire a series that uses the recap page to say that a lot has happened and you should just wait and buy the collection instead of this issue.

   It's good advice, but it doesn't take away from this raw, unique series.

   It focuses on the grim reality facing two young people who are on the run. One is the teenager named Duncan - a smart young man with mysterious gifts - and his friend Maddie - a smart young woman with great strength and near-invulnerability.

   They've been on the run from two forces, including a sinister government agency (with its own super-powered agents) and an evil drug runner with a sadistic streak and his own super-powered flunkies.

   This series has been a real surprise, with lots of unexpected story twists - it's a brutal story about young people making bad decisions and then having to live with their mistakes. The action scenes are rough and not aways easy to watch.

   The story is by Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon, and it's impressive - although they may have gone a twist or two too far. But better too much than not enough.

   The art is by Josh Hood and Brian Level, and it's powerful stuff - raw and rude and compelling.

   So if you haven't been following the series, and you can deal with the Tarentino-style violence, pick up the collection. Or this issue.

Grade: A-



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