Tuesday, December 8, 2015

All-New All-Differet Avengers #2

   Given that Mark Waid is writing it and Adam Kubert is drawing it, I expected to love the All-New All-Different Avengers.

   Somewhat to my surprise, I find that, two issues in, I only like it (well, I like it a lot).

   Perhaps that's because the whole thing is a big ragged so far, as the assorted heroes gather to fight an alien powerhouse named Warbringer (yeah, I never heard of him either).

   Joining the team that isn't really a team yet are Iron Man, Captain America (the Falcon), Spider-Man (the Ultimate one), the Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova and a certain other powerhouse who joins in the fun.

   The issue is action-packed as the alien invader scours the city looking for some mysterious artifacts. There's a lot of fighting, some quipping, and even some possible romantic sparks between... well, that would be telling. But it's fun.

    The jury's still out as this opening story (and the gathering of the team) wraps up next issue.

   So far it's been good - we'll see if next issue moves the needle into the "great" category.

Grade: A-


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