Friday, December 25, 2015

Justice League of America #6

      After last issue's fill-in issue, it's nice to see Bryan Hitch back in the saddle, writing and drawing this ever-growing story about the Kryptonian god Rao and his attempts to change the Earth.

   Of course, the Justice League of America figure out that this would-be savior isn't all he seems - but they're scattered across time and space, and there are many mysteries to solve.

   As always, the art is "wide screen" with some amazing, powerful sequences.

   The story's still a bit of a slog - we can see where it's heading (more or less), but it seems to keep veering off-course, as we duck down side alleys. (Why is the Flash in 1961? Why the attack on Olympus?)

   Of course, it might all pull together by the end - but there are lots of loose threads to gather.

   Oh, and ignore that cover - there's no Batman in this story.

Grade: B+


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

B+ is way too kind in my book. The story's a mess. And the cover adds insult to injury.