Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2

   There were concerns about this series in fandom.

   The first Dark Knight series is justly recognized as a classic story - one that changed the industry.

   The sequel was almost universally reviled, despite featuring the same creative team.

   So what to expect this time around from Dark Knight III: The Master Race?

   So far... it's very good!

   Written by original creator Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, this issue focuses on two stories - one about the recently-captured "Batman" - who is actually (I assume) the grown-up Robin from the original Dark Knight series; and the other about a new threat being released onto the world - one that seems much too big for even a Batman in his prime.

   There's also a "mini-comic" included that gives us some insight on Wonder Woman and her newest challenges.

   The series works because it feels more like a natural continuation of the DC universe - in other words, it follows in the footsteps of the original series.

   The art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Jansen is tremendous, capturing the feel of Miller's original style without being a slavish imitation.

   The same is true for the art in the mini-comic by Eduardo Risso - it's excellent work.

   So if you've been hiding from this series, you might want to reconsider - so far, it feels like the original.

Grade: A-


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