Wednesday, November 11, 2015

(No) New Comics Day

  Here's what I planned to pick up at the comics shop today - but work took me out of town and I didn't get to the shop today. 

   Tomorrow for sure! Here's my list:

- All-New Avengers #1 - Waid's in charge, so I'm there.

- Batman #46 - Losing interest in the "new" Batman...

- Captain America White #4 - Terrific series so far.

- Secret Wars #7 - The end is near!

- Starfire #6 - This has been fun if light.

- Thors #4Wrapping up a murder mystery.

- Twilight Children #2 - I haven't read the first issue yet!

- Wolverine #1 - I hear he visits Thor's makeover expert.

   And that's it.


Anonymous said...

I picked up the first issue of Twilight Children on the recommendation of my son Jake and was pleasantly surprised. Get to it, Chuck!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, naturally that's the one title my comics shop didn't get copies of this week. I'll catch up eventually!