Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Johnny Red #1

   War comics are pretty rare these days, and with Johnny Red, Garth Ennis shows how to do history right.

   It's certainly not a typical approach. It starts with the modern-day discovery of a roached-out World War II-era fighter plane - a Hurricane.

   The buyer - a wealthy businessman with an interest in the history of the plane - is having the plane restored, and goes in search of the story behind the plane's military exploits.

    His journey takes him to Russia, where he meets the man who holds the secrets behind the British plane that fought the Nazis - in Russia!

   It's a riveting story, and this is just the opening chapter. The art by Keith Burns is raw, kinetic and powerful - it's perfect for the series (which has its roots in a British comics series).

    I have to admit, I loved this issue - it's unique, tackling a largely-unknown (to Americans) corner of the war. Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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