Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jughead #1

   The "New" version of Archie Comics continues with the second title in the line - this one starring Archie's unorthodox best friend, Jughead.

   In keeping with the slightly-more-realistic version of the characters, this version of Jughead is a bit different from the slapstick, woman-hating, burger-loving sluggard we're used to.

   Now he's a video-game fanatic, burger-loving, under-the-radar advocate against the evils of authority (which is to say, the new hard-nosed principal at Riverdale High School).

   There's a lot to like here in Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson's work, as it manages a balance between real-world antics, some surprises and teenagers who - at least occasionally - act like real teens.

   Not that this is a documentary - there are several leaps of imagination into odd corners of pop culture (an Archie staple), and a few well-worn gags - but overall, it's a fun issue with a somewhat new and original take on Archie's perennial pal.

   I'm not sure if longtime fans of the "classic" Archie titles will appreciate this comic, but it does give the series a much-needed fresh start.

Grade: B+


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