Monday, October 12, 2015

Doctor Strange #1

   I am, as the wrestling fans say, a total mark for Doctor Strange. (In other words, I like him.)

   So I'm happy that Earth's Sorcerer Supreme is enjoying a resurgence - a new movie is in the works (and Marvel has a great track record on those so far), he had a significant role in Secret Wars, and now he's back with a new title.

   Happily enough, the series is starting fresh, so new readers are brought up to speed quickly, and the newest menace (which promises to be a nasty bit of business) starts to show its hand.

   The story by Jason Aaron manages a solid mix of the fantastic, humor, and a little sex appeal.  Aaron has been hit or miss with me, but so far, this series feels like a great fit.

   The same is true for artist Chris Bachalo, whose unique, kinetic style is a great match for the mystic world Doctor Strange lives in.

   I'm not sure that this series will appeal to the average reader - the world of magic, where anything can happen, can be a slippery slope for stories. If anything is possible, how can there be a conflict?

   That's the challenge Aaron and Bachalo face - and so far, it looks like they're easily up to the task.

Grade: A-


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