Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We Can Never Go Home #4

   Though I'm not a big fan of the grim and gritty style of comic, I have to admit that I've been enjoying this series a lot.

   We Can Never Go Home follows two teenagers - the nerdy Duncan and cool girl Madison - as they go on the run.

   When she gets angry, Madison generates sparks from her eyes and has super-strength and near invulnerability. When she accidentally kills Duncan's brutal father, they both go on the run - but as this issue shows, the noose is closing around them.

     They've been surviving by stealing money from drug dealers - and now both the dealers and law enforcement are after them - and there may be other interests, as well.

   It's a raw series - not for kids, with violence, language and adult situations - and it's intense, as the teens find themselves under attack - and Madison isn't the only one who has super-powers.

   This series has the advantage of the unexpected - the reader has no idea where the story is going to lead next - and there's enough humor in there to leaven the brutal action sequences.

   For some reason I wasn't expecting to connect with this comic - it's been a surprise to find how much I like this series.

Grade: B+


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