Monday, August 31, 2015

Book of Death - The Fall of Ninjak #1

   Valiant's Book of Death series takes us into unusual territory - the final days of each hero.

   Thankfully, the events are set in the (somewhat) distant future, so there are no worries about how to resurrect each hero in the here and now.

   Thus it's no surprise that the Fall of Ninjak takes place a century in the future, as a surprisingly spry (and even more surprisingly alive) Ninjak faces a final threat - one that may endanger the entire world.

   But how can an elderly hero stand against a small army - much less stop an attempt to displace an entire country?

   That's all part of the fun, of course - and to say any more would be to give away too much.

   The art by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn is strong - dark and menacing, it fits the moody story by Matt Kindt very well.

   Death is all the rage in comics, of course, and I'm not sure if the Book of Death series is just clever in capitalizing on the trend - or if they're just trying to tell some interesting stories.

   I'll go with "both," but the story makes the trendsetting worthwhile.

Grade: A-



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