Monday, September 14, 2015

Unity #22

   Argh. I have more than once remarked that it's important for a series of stories to "stick the landing" - in other words, come up with a great conclusion to the story.

   Even the best story can be undone by a weak ending - and, I'm sorry to say, that's what we have here.

   I've really been enjoying this story in Unity, as the individual members of the team confront a woman called War-Monger. She's apparently immortal and may be unbeatable, as she easily dispatches Ninjak, Livewire, GIN-GR and the Eternal Warrior.

   She's a master of sowing unease in the world, and is well on her way to starting another world-wide conflict - can Unity stop her? And how?

   Sadly, despite a sharp script and excellent artwork, the story stumbles at the end, taking an idea that is terribly impractical and not very heroic.

   The series has great potential, but this story gets low marks from me. Such a great beginning and middle, but a stumble at the end.

Grade: B




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