Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eternal Soulfire #3

   Here's the issue for those who have been having trouble figuring out what's going on in this series.

   Eternal Soulfire centers around a young woman named Cassidy whose life takes a shocking turn when she suddenly sprouts wings and finds herself a target of the usual evil government forces.

   She is rescued - and finds refuge with - a (seemingly) young woman, and this issue offers up Miya's life story - and a long life it is!

   It also explains (in part) about the origins of the winged race and their magical abilities.

   The art by Angel Tovar, Alex Konat and Mark Roslan is quite good, but the story by J.T. Krul just feels terribly slow and plodding - it takes us away from Cassidy and into a history lesson that doesn't really make much sense.

   It's nice to get some explanations, but perhaps it shouldn't require an entire issue.

Grade: B


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