Monday, September 7, 2015

Plutona #1

   If you're looking for something different, allow me to recommend Plutona.

   But I should add that I'm not really sure what the series is.

   On the face of it, it seems to be a "slice of life" for five young students as they go through a normal day.

   There's Teddy, a boy who is fascinated by super-heroes (and apparently heroes and villains exist in this series). Diane is a girl who allows herself to be pushed around by her friends. Mei is a flinty, difficult girl who has to babysit her younger brother Mike. And then there's Ray - he's kind of a jerk, but for good reason.

   Most of the issue is given over to introducing the cast - but the shocking event on the last page will make it tough to pass up the next issue.

   The creative team is artist Emi Lenox and writer Jeff Lemire. They created the story together, and Lemire provides the script.

   They make a great team - the script it solid and the dialogue believable, and the art, while somewhat cartoony, is striking and expressive - I like it!

   It's hard to tell where this series goes from here - is it super-hero based or fashioned for the real world? Whatever the case, the element of the unexpected is what makes it fun!

Grade: A-



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