Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ninjak #7

   This book has been taken over by a quest story.

   Ninjak is tasked with tracking down some powerful creatures known as The Shadow Seven - they're the leaders of an organization called the Weaponeers, which supplies advanced weapons to criminals around the world.

   Last issue he took down an (almost) unstoppable juggernaut, while this time around he's up against Sanguine, a living buzz saw who is impervious to pain.

   I enjoy these kinds of stories, as they build on the hero's mythology and give him lots of chances to show his abilities (and take a lot of punishment).

   The story by Matt Kindt indicates that there's a lot more going on than we realize - but he's being stingy with the details. (This is not a bad thing.)

   The art by Juan Jose Ryp is raw, intense and emotional - this isn't a story for kids.

   This is just the second chapter, and the (brutal bloody violent) fun is just starting!

Grade: A-


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