Monday, August 17, 2015

Unity #21

   Over at Valiant, they're crafting a real gem of a story in Unity - that company's super-team comic that stars all their top heroes.

   We've been following along as the individual team members have been attacked by an immortal, invincible woman known as War-Monger.

   Like any good villain, she loves to talk, so she's been telling the story of her battles with past incarnations of Unity. (Did we know that there were past incarnations? It was news to me, but I just started picking up the title.)

   So how does the team stop an opponent who can't be hurt or killed? Good question!

   With strong art by Jose Luis, Alisson Rodrigues and Jefte Palo, and a terrific story being built by Matt Kindt, this is a series you should be picking up (although it's probably a bit too brutal for young readers).


Grade: A-



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