Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eternal Soulfire #2

   The Soulfire series from Aspen has been a bit difficult to jump into (for those who haven't been reading it from the start). It's an eccentric mix of magic and adventure.

   For those who have avoided it up to now, the new Eternal Soulfire series provides a good starting point, as it moves the main character into a new life and a new start.

   The focus is on an attractive young woman named Cassidy who lives a normal life until she suddenly sprouts colorful wings and finds herself under attack, hunted by a paramilitary organization.

   It seems any manifestation of magic is against the law, so Cassidy has to find a way to survive despite overwhelming odds.

   It's a fast-paced adventure written by J. T. Krul with wonderful, expressive art by Alex Konat and Julie Salvateirra, Mark Rosland and Gabe Carrasco.

   The issue feels for all the world like a classic X-Men story, as a teen suddenly develops powers but is persecuted for it. Oh, and replace mutants with magic.

   It's a fun start to a "new" series.

Grade: B+


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