Thursday, July 16, 2015

Justice League #42

   Writer Geoff Johns has managed something unusual among modern-day comic book writers.

   He's managed to create "event" books inside the pages of a regular series.

   These days, most regular series are just used to build up toward the inevitable event book - but Johns (especially in the pages of Green Lantern) actually crafted huge stories independent of spin-offs and other events.

   He's doing it again with "The Darkseid War" in the pages of Justice League.

   It's a war with multiple fronts, as two members of the League are transported to Apokolips. At the same time, Darkseid is planning an invasion of Earth, where the Anti-Monitor waits - along with a few other powerhouse wildcards (including, of course, the New Gods).

   The question is, how can the League stand up to an army of godlike beings?

   With a cosmic-level story and terrific art by Jason Fabok, this is definitely the one to keep an eye on. Highly recommended!

Grade: A



Anonymous said...

You must be kidding....

Chuck said...

Nope, not really. What can I say, I like these "big" stories, when done well. We'll see if they can "stick the landing."

Dwayne said...

I prefer this rather than the "event" that crosses over into all the other books.

Chuck said...

I agree completely, Dwayne!