Friday, July 17, 2015

Hawkeye #22

   Sadly, this is the final issue of the critically-acclaimed Hawkeye series.

   At least as created by Matt Fraction and David Aja.

   This is an issue fans have been anxiously awaiting, as it wraps up the terrific series that team has created.

   They do a fair job of wrapping up loose ends (though there's one big story thread left dangling for future teams to tackle).

   Here we see the final battle between the Hawkeyes and the criminals who are trying to take over the apartment building Clint calls home. It's a great "ground level" adventure.

   To say any more would be giving too much away, but I love this version of Hawkeye. It channels the character of Denny Colt (Will Eisner's classic hero, The Spirit) - Clint is clumsy, a bit dense at times and takes a terrible amount of punishment - but he's one tough hombre.

   I'll resist the urge to gripe about how late this issue is - it's such a treat, it's easy to forgive breaking the deadline. (How late is it? Several issues of the follow-up Hawkeye series have already been printed.)

   Still, this series is a real gem - one of the highlights for Marvel from the past few years, it combines a great story, terrific art, compelling characters, unique storytelling and a great sense of fun.

   Not to be missed!

Grade: A




Anonymous said...

I've read the first six issues of this title and enjoyed it immensely, and hope to read more issues through trade paperback collections. Hawkeye has been critically acclaimed and seems a favorite Marvel title of a well-known Marvel movie why is it being cancelled? Poor sales? The creators want to move on?
I know you're just reviewing the comics but I'm perplexed. Something this good should continue, right?

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, it's not being cancelled - just re-started with a new issue #1 (natch) and a new creative team. But I do hate to see Fraction and Aja go!

Anonymous said...

Great insight. Never made The Spirit connection, but it's an excellent point...