Friday, June 5, 2015

Justice League #41

   When the Justice League kicked off in the "New 52," I admit I had very high hopes - it included a top creative team, a "classic" lineup for the team (only replacing J'onn J'onzz with Cyborg), and a serious threat to challenge the team (Darkseid).

   But as the series went on, the usual continuity glitches set in. Green Lantern left the team early on, and the lineup has been in flux ever since.

   Happily, GL is back and this issue kicks off a threat worthy of the team (in fact, it may well end up being too much for the team).

   Coming back up to bat is Darkseid, confronted here by another New God (one of my faves). Then another menace (worse than Darkseid?) shows up on Earth - one that threatens to end life as we know it.

   And then yet another threat shows up that may end the lives of the Justice League itself!

   It's a story loaded with shocking turns, deadly forces moving into position, and a Crisis on Infinite Earths-level threat to the Earth.

   In other words, the "real" Justice League is back! A powerful story by Geoff Johns, terrific art by new regular artist Jason Fabok - if you dropped this title, now's a good time to get back on board.

   Words to the wise!

Grade: A


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