Saturday, June 6, 2015

All-New X-Men #41

   In his recent autobiography, actor / comedian Billy Crystal talked about a good piece of advice he once received - that you should always leave a "tip" for the audience. In other words, give them something to think about.

   This issue of All-New X-Men does just that - it provides a juicy tip for the readers.

   The story throws the original X-Men into another mutant problem, as SHIELD asks them to investigate Utopia, the supposedly-abandoned mutant community on an island near San Francisco.

   There they find some disgruntled former teammates (and other mutants) - none of whom are inclined to depart willingly.

   The solution is a clever one, and leads Jean Grey to pose a very interesting question.

   All this is leading up to Uncanny X-Men #600, the final issue before the all-encompassing Secret War kicks in. I believe it's also the final issue for current X-writer Brian Michael Bendis, who's turned in strong work on this title.

   With a sharp story and terrific art by Mahmud Asrar, and a potential sea-change for the series in the offing, it might be a good time for those of you who've strayed from the series to check in.

Grade: A-


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