Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathom Blue #1

   I really want to like the Fathom series, including the newest addition to the series: Fathom Blue.

   But the writers sure aren't making it easy.

   That's because they make almost no effort to bring new readers up to speed.

   This issue is made of vignettes, as we look in on the lives of five different people from different walks of life. They're all captured by a mysterious paramilitary force.

   Why? Well, that's where it gets tricky. The grizzled military guy behind the kidnappings reveals his secret goal - but the reader will have to wait until next issue.

   When I finished reading the issue, I thought: was Fathom even in the issue? Was she one of the people kidnapped?

   I'm pretty sure that she's the woman shown at the end, dealing out some overly-harsh environmental justice - but she's never identified (at last not with any name I recognize), so we just have to assume.

   The old saw was that every issue is someone's first comic book, so the writer must go the extra mile to make it all clear for the reader.

   What we have here is some nice art and (potentially) the first chapter in the birth of a new super-team. But I'm just guessing.

Grade: B


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