Sunday, June 21, 2015

Doctor Fate #1

   Whenever a beloved character is brought back in a new title, I have the same thought: "Please don't suck."

   I had high hopes for Doctor Fate, because it's written by one of DC's best writers, Paul Levitz (actually, he co-writes it with artist Sonny Lieu).

   But, I'm sorry to report - this first issue left me cold.

   I always liked this character - from the cool, full-face helmet to the yellow-and-blue costume (with cape and amulet), down to the bolts of lightning that fly from his fingers, it just seems like a character with limitless possibilities.

   Instead, DC almost always mucks with the concept - and this series is no exception (though I'll grant that we're early in the process).

   Here Doctor Fate is a young medical student named Khalid Nelson, who is offered the helmet by an Egyptian deity (Why him? No idea). He accepts reluctantly and then does... almost nothing, despite a terrible disaster sweeping the area.

   The ending is odd, too - the story doesn't really hook us into the next issue. It just... stops.

   The art doesn't really work for me, either. They're apparently going for a horror feel - and succeeding at that - but Fate doesn't look heroic at all. His figure is rubbery and distorted.

   It's just odd. Horror fans may love this, but I have to add it to my stack of "comics that disappointed."

Grade: C+


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