Friday, May 15, 2015

Thor #8

   As we reach the (temporary) end of Thor (briefly suspended for Secret Wars), we thankfully also learn the secret identity of the woman behind the mask.

   But first, we have to wrap up the attack by the Destroyer, who's out to reclaim the hammer from the new Thor (acting on the orders of Odin, who has apparently become a villain).

   Taking part in the fight is the original Thor and every female character in the Marvel Universe (with a few female Asgardians thrown in there, too).

   It's a fun action sequence, though the outcome is no big surprise.

   The secret identity isn't a huge surprise, either, though the story took pains to lead the reader in the wrong direction.

   I won't give away the secret, of course. (That's what the rest of the Internet is for.) But I will say that I'm fine with the woman behind the mask.

   It brings the series to a close on an interesting note, and makes me feel inclined to stay with it for a while longer (which is more than I can say for the new Iron Man or Captain America).

   We'll see where this all goes after the Secret War.

Grade: A-


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