Thursday, May 14, 2015

Secret Wars #2

   The first issue of Secret Wars featured no less than the destruction of the final two universes - the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

   So where do you go from there? To the beginning of a new world, a new universe - Battleworld.

   Here we start learning the new "way things are," as an army of Thors serve as the peacekeepers across the expanse of this crazy-quilt world that seems to be pieced together from bits of different realities - some uplifting, some terrifying.

   They're commanded by... well, that would be telling.

   This is just the primer, setting the stage for the gobs of spin-off books that take us to those different lands.

   I'll keep following the main title here - the art is excellent and the writing is sharp, and things are happening - but I'm not sure how many of the "spinoff" titles I'll be following. I'll probably pick up a few of them - but certainly not all.

   The danger is that the whole thing will be wiped away at the end, as we return to Earth-616 (the Marvel Universe), and none of this will have made any difference at all.

   The thing that makes me doubt that, of course, is the fact that this is the brainchild of writer Jonathan Hickman - and he hasn't failed us yet.

Grade: A-



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Anonymous said...

Chuck - I was hoping you would review this book. About a thousand times better than I expected. Amazing art and Hickman is at full cosmic power. Not to be overly catty, but this book is made all the more impressive when you compare it to DC's woeful Convergence, which is being scoffed at by the crowd at my comic shop. Looking forward to more greatness from this book....