Monday, May 11, 2015

Multiversity #2

   I'm back in the saddle after a long hospital stay, so let's deal with a couple of gems I missed in the last week or so. Great to be back!

   It's astonishing that DC managed to get behind Multiversity, an amazing, brain-bending, creative and madly inspiring series by writer Grant Morrison - and then follow it with the (largely) shallow and impenetrable Convergence.

   This final issue really pulls out the stops, squeezing multiple Crisis-level events into a single issue, as the heroic elements of the Multiverse gather an army to stop the seemingly-inevitble destruction of... well, everything.

   The whole issue is a trivia lover's delight (though that's not necessary to enjoy it - you just kind of have to hang on for dear life).

   And penciller Ivan Reis rises to the challenge, turning in an inspired, Perez-worthy, packed-to-the-gills romp with characters and stories and fights and all kinds of over-the-top events.

   This series has been a delight from start to finish - I really hate to see it end!

   It's dense and loaded with Easter Eggs, so this series will bear re-reading many times. Highly recommended!

Grade: A



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El Vox said...

Glad you're back. Here's to future health. Huzzah!