Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Convergence: Shazam #1

   The real blessing of the otherwise "ho-hum" Convergence series has been its revival of the classic versions of beloved characters.

   As a result of that and another event, in the span of a few months we're been rewarded with no less than two stories featuring the "real" Captain Marvel (even though thy use the tried and true SHAZAM! title on the cover).

   The first issue was part of Multiversity (and was my favorite comic last year) - and now we have this slice of the newest event at DC.

   This one brings back the "original" Captain Marvel - the one who was brought back into action in the 1970s at DC Comics.

  But, following the "no powers" story that has been inflicted on the opening stories of Convergence, we encounter a Marvel Family with no powers.

   That's a real problem when they're captured by the members of the Monster Society of Evil, who have been hanging around below the city.

   The story by Jeff Parker is sharp, making the most of the restrictions. And I love the art by Evan "Doc" Shaner (gotta love the name, too)! It's fresh, with a classic, Chris Sprouse-inspired style. Definitely someone to watch.

   So, I'm still not crazy about this event, but I can't stop smiling, enjoying the (gasp) fun and uplifting adventures of (the real) Captain Marvel.

Grade: A-



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Mr. Brooks said...

Excellent review! I loved this book more than THUNDERWORLD (maybe because TW had a tad bit too much "Morrison-ness"). JP & Doc were born to chart the course The Marvel Family.

This one issue kicked the entire Geoff Johns/Gray Frank crap-fest to the curb.

DC NEEDS a regular MARVEL FAMILY book by Parker & Doc so bad it's not even funny.