Saturday, March 28, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #32

   As we draw to the end of writer Brian Michael Bendis' run on Uncanny X-Men (and All-New X-Men), we start seeing signs that he's wrapping up some loose ends.

   In this Cyclops-centric issue, that motion is captured in a heart-to-heart discussion between Scott Summers and his brother Alex (Havok).

   It's a low-key issue (though there are some fireworks as Cyclops prepares to shut down his School for Mutants), as he confronts his actions since the death of Professor Xavier - a death he may have caused.

    The issue lets us see the human side of the team of mutants, and settles some long-simmering issues.

   Best of all, it's loaded with some actual humor - something we don't see enough of in this series.

   Hopefully it's not too late to redeem Cyke (and restore Prof. X). But that may be asking for too much.

   (What's another resurrection between friends?)

Grade: A-




Mr. Brooks said...

I'm still trying to figure out WHY Xavier's death is all on Cyclops' shoulder?
Cap & Tony Stark have their parts in that tragedy. Hell, A vs X was wrong from the start. Note: if some cosmic hoo-hah was heading to Earth Reed Richards would have been my first phone call. I would have not taken Tony Stark's total word on the matter. Tony is not a scientist. Before he made any decision Cap should have had Reed, Doc Strange, and Norrin Radd go over the data FIRST. Then invited Cyclops and Storm to discuss options.

Plus, he sure as hell should not have come to the X-Men with the friggin full complement of Avengers with him. In my neighborhood...that's a street fight.

Storm, Iceman, & Wolverine needs to take the sticks out too.

Chuck said...

I agree, that's the element that has never made sense. Every hero has been taken over / mind controlled / forced to do something he or she otherwise would never do, so it's silly to think they would blame Cyclops for his actions while possessed by the Phoenix Force. Did they blame Jean Grey for destroying a world? You'd think they'd be a bit more understanding...

Mr. Brooks said...

Yeah, it's the Picard/Borg bit. Pure and simple.

And for the record for my money Scott Summers is the best leader in the entire MSU.