Monday, March 16, 2015

Ninjak #1

   This was a happy surprise.

   I was sorta kinda a fan of the original Valiant Ninjak series - it was a solid action series through and through.

   But I really really like the new version here - it's a great combination of intense action sequences (such as the opening prison break sequence), sharp characterization (he's very much a the James Bond type of character, if Bond was a bit more mercenary and more wealthy), and terrific artwork.

   The story by Matt Kindt doesn't slow down for a moment, but manages to work in some humor, some good character beats, and sets up a deadly mission for the hero to tackle.

   The art is by Seth Mann and Ulises Arredla, and it's powerful, sexy and dynamic, with fresh layouts and strong character designs.

   The series is off to a great start! Recommended!

Grade: A


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