Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor #6

   I've been doing some volunteer work with a local youth group, and I've noticed an interesting trend lately. A surprising number of them - especially girls - are big fans of Doctor Who.

   Perhaps it's just further proof of the growing interest in science fiction, or perhaps it's an indication of the quality of the TV show.

   Whatever the reason, it's certainly great to see, and gives us hope that we'll be enjoying the adventures of the Doctor for years to come.

   Which brings us to the Titan Comics version of the the Doctors, which have also been impressive for both their quality and their skill at "capturing" the personalities of the different actors who filled the role.

   This issue starts a new story arc as the Doctor and his companion Clara start in the middle of an alien invasion on a distant world, and then return to Earth to find a bigger mystery - one that involves a resurrection, a strange new menace, and the possible end of life as we know it.

   It's a fun, fast-paced adventure by writer Robbie Morrison and artist Brian Williamson. They capture the show and the characters perfectly, and they even give us a cliffhanger than just needs the music cue (Oooooweeeeeoooooo) to fit in.

   Fans of the show - like my kids - should be following this comic, too!

Grade: A-


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